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Day 5

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Post dated May 7, 2011

I now know the key to being unable to walk. Releves.

How I felt beforehand:

Still sore. I’m just going to stop saying that’s how I feel, because I feel that way all the time for now. Today was kick it back into gear after a day off to show myself that I can.

What I did today:

1. Same warm-up as yesterday

2. If You Really Want More Workout

3. Cool Down and Stretching

4. A stretching routine for the splits which has everything I desperately need to work on

5. These ankle exercises: writing your name with your foot without moving any other part of you leg and releves with no sickling in ALL positions (I did 10 in each position on each side)

Seriously. This took something like 2 hours today, so I cannot do all of this everyday. The workout was rockin. It made me SWEAT and only took me about 25 minutes to complete. It doesn’t hit as many crazy little groups of muscles as some of the others did, though. I do feel like my body is already looking a little different, so I’m going to post some updated pictures on Monday.

All that aside, it’s the releves that really burn.



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