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Day 3

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Post dated May 4, 2011

Every day is an adventure. 😀

How I felt beforehand:

I am sore in a lot of the same places still today, but I’m also sore in NEW places, which is really exciting. Especially because some of these, like my obliques, are places I really struggle to get a good workout. That means yesterday’s 3 reps of Hard Bodies Getting Harder DID SOMETHING! I also needed to give my b-o-d-y a  break in those areas today, so I worked ankles and added in a LOT of new stretches for dancers. Easier and yet more embarrassing day as I did a LOT of those exercises I used to be able to do well, but [temporarily] cannot.

What I did today:

1. Same warm-up as yesterday

2. A stretching routine for the splits which has everything I desperately need to work on

**And I’ve got a floor barre routine in the wings for when I’m ready to really start working my dynamic stretches

3. These ankle exercises: writing your name with your foot without moving any other part of you leg and releves with no sickling in ALL positions (I did 10 in each position on each side)

Today, I had a most amazing realization. I started dancing at about age 6 so I don’t remember struggling much due to significant physical weakness. Now that I’m going back to exercises I haven’t done in years, I figured out how strong I was when I was dancing all the time. Just for fun, I also did a quick plie/grand plie through each position. Holy cow! I always talked the talk about how strong dancers were and I had a lot to show for it, but now that I’ve fallen a bit onto the other side I totally GET it.

And I know I’ll be that strong again soon.



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